Module 3: Launching Your Store

A high-level overview of all the lessons included in the "Launching Your Store" module. (4:48 Length)

A discussion of crucial launch-related goals and realistic expectations to have with your store. Specifically covers the importance of launching quickly, things you do - and don't - want to do, and traffic levels from MY first 9 months in business to give you an idea of what to expect. (10:08 Length)

Picking a name is something that's hard to change later, so it's important to get it right the first time. I share my experience naming numerous companies to help you pick a name to maximize your store's potential. (18:01 Length)

Everything you need to know about accepting credit card payments. Covers how much processing costs, the difference between merchant accounts and payment gateways and if you should accept PayPal as a payment option. (14:02 Length)

Andrew Bleakley knows more about shopping carts than just about anyone else. In this interview, he shares the strengths, weaknesses and the "ideal target merchant" for a dozen popular carts to help you pick the best solution. (58:17 Length)

Don't waste thousands of dollars on a custom site design! Learn why you should launch with a cheap (or even free) theme, and why I use free themes with all of my sites. I also cover how to get an affordable, quality logo. (13:19 Length)

This lesson gives you a solid introduction to keyword research: what it is, why it's so important, and the terminology you need to understand. Covers different types of keywords (head/middle/long-tail) as well as the different match types (exact/phrase/match). (8:13 Length)

This screencast shows you step-by-step how to do keyword research, and I use my own site as an example! The lesson also includes a spreadsheet template for organizing your keywords and a "cheat sheet" that outlines my process so you can quickly duplicate it on your own. (31:59 Length)

People rarely realize that site structure and navigation has a huge impact on traffic and SEO. This lesson covers why structure is so important, how to optimize pages, how to structure categories, why it's crucial to balance SEO and usability. (18:25 Length)

This screencast teaches you exactly how to pick your high-level categories and structure your site based on the keyword research that was previously done. Again, I used to give you a real-world look at how the structure concepts are applied. (25:22 Length)

Covers the fundamentals of optimizing your store's pages to rank well in Google. Topics discussed include meta title, description, headings, on-page copy and myths surrounding on-page optimization. (19:16 Length)

Tips and techniques for getting the first version of your site ready to go live. Includes things to prioritize, your early unique selling proposition, how to create product and category pages and how much emphasis you should place on SEO. (15:24 Length)

A number of miscellaneous items that you'll need to address and consider before launch. Covers setting up analytics, follow-up emails, establishing shipping rates, creating buyers guides and more. (15:56 Length)