Module 4: Marketing

A high-level overview of all the lessons contained in the "Marketing" module. (8:23 Length)

Covers important foundational marketing concepts, including the most crucial attribute of success, marketing mindset for drop shippers, mindset for those stocking their own products, how long it takes to generate traffic and prerequisites for going through the module. (12:48 Length)

This lesson gives you a solid introduction to keyword research: what it is, why it's so important, and the terminology you need to understand. Covers different types of keywords (head/middle/long-tail) as well as the different match types (exact/phrase/match). (8:41 Length)

This screencast shows you step-by-step how to do keyword research, and I use my own site as an example! The lesson also includes a spreadsheet template for organizing your keywords and a "cheat sheet" that outlines my process so you can quickly duplicate it on your own. (32:33 Length)

An in-depth guide to link evaluation and understanding how Google uses links and other factors to rank your site. Lesson discusses domain authority, PageRank, the concept of "link juice", the importance of link location, reputation and other topics. (29:41 Length)

Expanding on part one this lesson covers non-effective link building strategies, dangerous strategies, a Google penalty case study and SEO trends that will play an increasingly important role in the future. (27:36 Length)

Kamal Taylor worked for nearly five years in Google's AdWords department and shares his secrets for building focused, highly-profitable AdWords campaigns. We discuss just about everything involved with researching, setting up, launching and optimizing a campaign. This interview is long, so make sure to utilize the Chapter markers to the right of the video if you're somewhat familiar with AdWords to skip to the parts relevant to you. (95:04 Length)

Watch me build a real-world AdWords campaign from scratch for! I start from the beginning with keyword research, and you get to see all of my unfiltered data, keywords and ad copy. Also includes a "cheat sheet" so you can quickly follow my process when creating your own campaign. (39:58 Length)

Guest posting is my favorite SEO / marketing strategy because it's so effective! In this overview I cover why it's so powerful, different formats to use, how to evaluate opportunities, linking considerations and more. (19:51 Length)

Watch as I use Google to find and evaluate potential guest posting opportunities. I examine a number of different sites and explain why they are well suited (or not) for a potential guest post pitch. (16:36 Length)

Spying on your competitor's backlinks is one of the best ways to find valuable linking opportunities! In this screencast I use Open Site Explorer to find and evaluate backlinks for competitors in a niche. (23:43 Length)

Getting people to open and reply to your guest post pitch email is essential if you're going to have any success with the strategy. But most people go about writing their pitch emails all wrong. This lesson covers the step-by-step process for crafting highly-effective outreach emails that will actually get a reply and land you those guest posting opportunities. Includes two real-world case studies where I dissect emails I've written to show you why they're effective. (18:56 Length)

Learn to write guest content that site owners love AND that also gets your store backlinks. Covers how much time to spend on a post, how to tactfully bring up the subject of links, avoiding penalties and the best way to submit your guest posts. (15:06 Length)

Video can be a highly effective way to drive traffic to your store. Learn about common video misconceptions, the branding vs. traffic strategies, the pros and cons of paid hosting, why video sitemaps are important and more. (27:20 Length)

Many people "claim" to be Facebook experts, but James McLaughlin is the real deal: he's built up pages with more than 70,000 collective "Likes" for numerous online stores. In this interview, he teaches you his strategies for using Facebook effectively to raise awareness of your brand and increase sales. Also includes a "cheat sheet" summarizing his tactics to help you quickly get started. (50:45 Length)

A discussion of non-Facebook networks you may want to consider when marketing your store including Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Also covers how much time and effort you should spend on social media when launching your business. (10:59 Length)

Email is one of the most powerful ways you can drive sales, and helps diversify your risk of being solely dependent upon the search engines for traffic! In this interview, Ed Hallen draws from his years of experience crafting effective email campaigns to share strategies and tips to help you drive sales with email marketing. (40:48 Length)

Directories and old-fashioned link pages may still be able to help out with your marketing and SEO efforts IF they're approached correctly. Learn the right way to leverage these methods so that you'd don't appear spammy and potentially waste time and/or hurt your site's rankings. (11:20 Length)

Covers a number of miscellaneous marketing strategies including forum marketing, offering discounts, pitching testimonials, website commenting, blogging and issuing press releases. (15:21 Length)

This lesson is designed to help you take everything you've learned in this module and organize / prioritize it so you create an action oriented marketing plan. Discusses highly recommended strategies as well as how to set effective goals. Also includes a "Marketing Brainstorming Cheat Sheet" that lists all the different marketing strategies covered in one place. (10:49 Length)