Module 1: Business Setup

This high-level overview gives you an idea of what's covered in each lesson in Module 1. (3:56 Length)

A discussion of the pros and cons of different U.S. business entities including the Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp and C-Corp. (15:03 Length)

An important list of legally required and/or strongly advised things you'll need to have in place to start your business. Discusses EIN numbers, business licenses, sales tax, business insurance, how to handle business finances and more. (12:31 Length)

Kris Kayyal incorporated his U.S. based business from Australia. In this interview he shares his experience incorporating from outside the U.S., the problems he faced and gives advice on the best way to setup a U.S. company from a different country. (29:00 Length)

Live in the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia? This cheat sheet quick start guide will get you up-to-speed on how to get a business established in your home country.