Module 5: Optimization

A high level overview of all the lessons included in the "Optimization" module. (6:53 Length)

Having certain systems setup initially can provide a big pay-off in the long run. This lesson talks about the importance of implementing Google Analytics, an email newsletter, a testimonial library, picture requests, social media engagement, product review requests, order follow-ups and more. (19:27 Length)

Providing top-notch customer service is the key to success, but it's possible to provide killer service in a way that still allows you to be efficient. Learn why sending free replacements is a great strategy, how offering outstanding service doesn't mean serving everyone, what to think about when considering phone support and much more. (19:35 Length)

Too many store owners start optimizing when they should still be marketing. Learn the right time to start optimizing, key areas to focus on and which tools to use for the job. Also includes a "Questions to Ask Cheat Sheet" with crucial questions to consider before running any optimization campaigns or experiments. (12:23 Length)

Identifying your most profitable customers and narrowing your focus to their needs is one of the most effective strategies for improving conversion and sales. In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify your best customers and why you shouldn't worry about alienating people outside of this demographic. I also include case studies from and Right Channel Radios on how I successfully narrowed my focus with both businesses. (16:35 Length)

Creating a high-value websites is all about solving people's purchasing questions and fears. To do that effectively, you need to really understand your customer's problems and frustrations. This lesson discusses techniques for understanding your customer, how to spot common questions and points of confusion and how to identify problems with your website. (9:43 Length)

Great product pages are crucial for building trust, answering questions and for ranking well in the search engines! Learn how to craft high-value product pages by pro-actively answering questions, writing great copy, using pictures and video, curating reviews and more. (15:28 Length)

Product pages usually get all the attention, but your non-produce pages - like the homepage, category page and "About Us" page - play a key role in your store's success. Find out how to build pages that inspire trust, are easy to use and facilitate sales. (22:28 Length)

Covers the fundamentals of optimizing your store's pages to rank well in Google. Topics discussed include meta title, description, headings, on-page copy and myths surrounding on-page optimization. (19:38 Length)

People rarely realize that site structure and navigation has a huge impact on traffic and SEO. This lesson covers why structure is so important, how to optimize pages, how to structure categories, why it's crucial to balance SEO and usability. (18:32 Length)

This screencast teaches you exactly how to pick your high-level categories and structure your site based on the keyword research that was previously done. Again I use to give you a real-world look at how the structure concepts are applied. (26:07 Length)

Links from other sites get all the attention, but you can leverage your own site's links to improve your rankings quickly. Learn why internal linking is powerful, how to find powerful pages on your own site to link from and numerous techniques for boosting rankings by linking internally. (18:12 Length)

When it comes to improving your site you'll likely face a difficult question: should I improve it incrementally or re-build it from the ground up? We tackle that question in this lesson, discuss how to migrate from one shopping cart to another and cover all the important 301 redirects which allow you to keep your SEO rankings when moving your pages. (15:48 Length)

Raising your prices is potentially one of the fastest ways to increase your store's profitability! I use case studies from Right Channel Radios and to illustrate why pricing is so powerful, cover important factors to consider and give guidance on when you should start experimenting with your own pricing. (10:59 Length)

Long-tail keywords make up the vast majority of search queries and convert at much higher rates than shorter "head" terms. In this lesson, you'll learn how to quickly rank for valuable long-tail keywords simply by adding a handful of keywords to your existing pages. (15:31 Length)

This lesson helps you break down all the content from the Optimization module into an organized, actionable plan for improving your website. It also includes a "Site Optimization Process Guide" cheat sheet to further simplify the process and help you get started quickly. (10:58 Length)