Module 2: Picking a Niche

This high-level overview gives you an idea of what's covered in each lesson in the Picking a Niche module. (8:03 Length)

The different eCommerce models - drop shipping, stocking other people's products and manufacturing - are all covered in this lesson. I cover pros and cons of each, as well as implications for your marketing. Also included is the 80-page Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping PDF. (17:01 Length)

A list of attributes that significantly increase the chances you'll be able to make money in a niche - especially if you'll be drop shipping. Also includes numerous "bonus attributes" that weren't mentioned in my eBook. (18:49 Length)

One of my favorite lessons! Loaded with tons of resources for brainstorming niche ideas including hundreds of in-demand niche products in Google, thousands of hobbyist and trade magazines and a list of business broker websites. (8:50 Length)

Details the process of narrowing down your large list of ideas to the 4 or 5 ideas most likely to succeed. Includes a screencast portion where I quickly evaluate real-world niche ideas using the keyword tool. (17:58 Length)

This extended length lesson dives into evaluating competitors using metrics and data. Covers important SEO tools, site authority, unique linking domains, PageRank, site reputation and more. Also discusses how it's possible to outrank big sites like Amazon by specializing - and uses as a case study to show how. (24:08 Length)

A look at the softer side of competitive research. This lesson focuses on qualitative factors like site quality and usability, reputation, SEO sophistication and how specialized the competitive landscape is. (9:30 Length)

A high-level discussion of all the different variables and data required to product a realistic profit estimation for a niche. Specifically covers how to estimate traffic, conversion rates, average order size and margins for a new store in a given niche. Also includes numerous references to my own businesses to provide a perspective on what's realistic when estimating. (21:51 Length)

Covers everything you need to know to make an informed estimate of how profitable a niche could potentially be. Specifically, it discusses how to estimate traffic, conversion rates, order size and profit margins. (13:04 Length)

This lesson uses a financial model spreadsheet (included) to walk through the process of actually crunching the numbers and coming up with a profitability estimating for a real-world niche. Once you watch the video, you can use the spreadsheet to quickly estimate profit potential for markets you're considering. (19:10 Length)

Covers the retail supply chain, how to spot genuine wholesalers, if you really need supplier directories (like World Wide Brands) and more. (18:23 Length)

Watch as I search for real-world suppliers with Google in this screencast lesson. I walk through the entire search process, and highlight specific elements of a supplier's website that make it likely they're a credible wholesale source. (11:56 Length)

eCommerce veteran Dave Huckabay has drop shipping relationships with numerous manufactures, allowing him to drop ship while still maintaining very healthy profit margins. In this interview he teaches how to source products directly from manufacturers to increase your overall profitability. (41:34 Length)

Approaching suppliers can be difficult, especially if you're just starting out and don't have an existing website. This lesson covers everything you need to know to confidently approach suppliers so they'll take you seriously. It also includes a word-for-word phone script to make those first phone calls less stressful. (8:48 Length)

Suppliers are NOT all created equally! Learn how to tell the good suppliers from the bad in this lesson. Also includes a worksheet covering the need-to-know questions you should ask suppliers before opening an account. (10:14 Length)

I interview Keith, my real-life drop shipping sales representative who I've done business with for years. He shares his unique perspective on drop shipping, offers advice on how new merchants can succeed and gives tips on how to work smoothly with suppliers. (21:48 Length)

Time to decide! This lesson walks you through the most important factors to prioritize when picking a niche depending on if you'll be drop shipping or stocking your own product. Also includes a comprehensive niche grading sheet that's new-and-improved from the one found in my eBook. (16:01 Length)